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Lisa Milliner


Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry) – Hons


Professional work history:

Lisa graduated from QUT in 2000. Since graduating, she worked as a locum in the private sector before buying her own practice in Kenmore in 2002. She owned and operated the clinic for 8 ½ years before relocating to Hong Kong. She worked between two different clinics in Hong Kong alongside physiotherapists, GPs, specialists and other health therapists. She is excited to return to work back in Brisbane with BodyViva.

Specialty/interest areas:

Lisa believes that Podiatry isn’t just about the foot but helping each person towards being pain free and comfortable. She gets immense satisfaction from helping children to have their best foot and lower limb alignment, as well as helping adults overcome those niggling issues like heel and arch pain. She loves seeing the immediate relief for people when treating their corns and callous and seeing how happy they are when their feet are beautiful and comfortable once again. A particular favourite of Lisa’s is treating ingrown toenails, whether it is conservative or permanent under a local anaesthetic.

People are often embarrassed about their feet but after 20 years of practice Lisa has seen it all (nothing scares her!) and she loves being able to help people conquer their foot pain and make their feet functional, pain free and beautiful.


What makes Lisa a great podiatrist?

Lisa believes that a good podiatrist needs to truly care about their clients. This starts with listening and understanding the client’s holistic needs before drawing on her comprehensive experience and latest evidence-based research to provide the best outcomes.


What does Lisa enjoy doing outside of work?

When Lisa is not at the clinic, she enjoys swimming, running and field hockey – running and hockey has given her a special insight in how to help clients with foot issues/injuries from their sport.

She also enjoys baking, cooking, gardening, spending time with her family and enjoying the Australian lifestyle.


Favourite quote:

“Be the person your dog thinks you are”- CJ Frick


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