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Anita Miranda


Diploma of Remedial Massage

Bachelor of Business (Major in Human Resources)


Professional work history:

Anita studied at the Australian Institute of Applied Science in 2018. She has since been working in clinical settings with therapists of multiple other disciplines. She has worked with the Brisbane Broncos, and has also provided massage services for large companies with factory workers to reduce workplace injuries.


Specialty/interest areas:

Anita’s specialty lies in injury prevention. Her previous experience in preventing injuries in factory workers, and seeing first-hand the difference massage therapy makes, has made injury prevention a passion of hers.


What makes Anita a great Massage Therapist?

Anita’s strength is her ability to listen, assess and treat everyone individually. She recognises that everyone has different hobbies, interests and types of work. It is therefore important to cater to each individual accordingly.


What does Anita enjoy doing outside of work?

Outings with family, going to the beach or the park, enjoying the outdoors.

Favourite quote:

“Knowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference” – Clair Fagin


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