10 budget winter workout ideas in Brisbane

Winter has well and truly arrived here in Brisbane. Even in Brisbane, winter has its cold and gloomy moments that call for blankets and hot chocolates to keep us going through the day.

With the weather change, your motivation to go outdoors and work up a sweat might have decreased slightly. After all, things tend to slow down over winter, and the chilly breeze makes us want to just stay curled up in cozy corners.

But, did you know that working out during winter is actually incredibly important? Winter workouts can help you to keep seasonal blues at bay, as well as increase your serotonin levels, keeping you happy, healthy and confident throughout the colder months. That’s why we’ve rounded up 10 budget winter workout ideas in Brisbane that are effective and fun:

1. Indoor Spinning (Indoor Cycling)

Indoor Spinning is much more intense than cycling on regular stationary bikes, and most sessions last for 30-40 mins. Depending on the level and number of hill inclines you program into your workout, you can potentially burn off hundreds of calories with this activity.

2. Rock Climbing

There are many excellent rock climbing spots in Brisbane. This non-traditional cardio workout will challenge your mental strength while activating arm muscles, legs, back and shoulders. Also, nothing beats the exhilarating feeling when you reach the top of the wall!

3. Cardio routine at home

YouTube tutorials or a fitness app is your best friend if you choose to create a workout routine at home. Get your exercise mat out and follow a routine that gives you a full body workout and targets problem areas. Just make sure to get your posture and form right to prevent any chance of sustaining injury.

4. Swimming

Not a fan of cold water during winter? Luckily for us, Brisbane has several indoor and heated pools dotted across the city and suburbs. Swimming has many benefits, including physical strength and heart health. It’s also a nice and easy winter workout option if you’re really having trouble staying motivated.

5. Pilates

During winter, our muscles tend to get tight, stiff and sore. Pilates can really help to loosen those muscles, get your blood circulating, and keep your body warm. Best of all, standard pilates routines are packed full of exercises that aim to burn off belly fat that we’ve accumulated, thanks to winter comfort food! If you’re looking for a Pilates instructor in Brisbane, BodyViva offers pilates and physio exercise classes at various times throughout the week.

6. Take the stairs

Did you know that stair climbing is classified as a “vigorous” form of exercise? By simply taking the stairs at work, home or at the shopping mall, you will be burning off calories while helping your cardiovascular health.

7. Dance through winter

Yes, you can dance away the winter calories and stay in shape! Dancing adds an element of fun to your winter workout routine and really helps to stimulate the release of endorphins. With dancing in winter, your options are many – you can choose to join a dance, Zumba or aerobics class in Brisbane, or simply blast a workout playlist at home.

8. Play an indoor sport

It’s time to challenge your work colleague to a game of squash. If you’re competitive and love moving, playing an indoor sport is a great way to keep on moving during winter. It’s easy to find centres that offer indoor Basketball, Volleyball, Netball or Squash etc. in Brisbane.

9. HIIT it

Everyone’s favourite high-intensity calorie burner is here to save us from winter blues. All you need is 20-30 minutes, an exercise mat and light dumbbells (you can also opt for your body weight). HIIT workouts can help to increase your metabolic rate, thereby enhancing your ability to burn calories over the rest of the day.

10. Try something new

Ever wanted to join a boot camp but felt intimidated? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to try Yoga with your friends? Winter can be a great time to challenge your mental and physical strength. Set some workout goals and try to achieve them by the end of the season. Not only are you trying something new, but you are also shedding calories and creating a healthy summer body in winter.

Winter is an excellent opportunity to get creative with your workout routine. However, if you’ve been experiencing any pain or restriction of movement that prevents you from maintaining the workout routine you want, BodyViva is here to help. Our team of highly trained professionals aim to assist you in achieving a healthy, revitalised body. Contact us today to discover how our services can help you to live a healthier life.