Things to do around Springwood in Spring to stay healthy and happy

With the warmer weather upon us, now is the perfect time to shake off those winter hibernation vibes and get outside. The great thing about living in Springwood is there are plenty of fun activities for grown-ups and kids alike. From outdoor adventures, culinary treats, wildlife and cultural experiences, there’s something for everyone to get out and about in the local area.

A Date with Nature and Wildlife

Daisy Hill Koala Centre: Prepare for an endearing encounter at the Daisy Hill Koala Centre. Here, you can witness the adorable koalas in their natural habitat, whether they’re snoozing high up in the gum trees or munching leisurely on eucalyptus leaves. Enhance your visit with a delightful picnic or a barbecue on-site amidst the serene surroundings.

Springwood Conservation Park:


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For a deeper connection with nature, the Springwood Conservation Park stands as an oasis for nature walks and bird-watching. This is your ticket to a refreshing getaway, where you can immerse yourself in the lush greenery and enjoy a breath of fresh air away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Celebrating Diversity at Chung Tian Temple

At the heart of Logan lies the sprawling and tranquil Chung Tian Temple,


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a place where the community comes together to celebrate diversity and harmony through Humanistic Buddhism. Here, you can partake in an array of activities, including tea ceremonies, baby blessings, and meditation classes. Whether you are looking to learn about Buddhism, explore Chinese culture, or immerse yourself in a Buddhist retreat, this is your sanctuary for peace and learning.

Navigating Logan’s Picturesque Waterways

At the heart of Logan’s natural beauty lies its intricate network of waterways, providing a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you opt for a kayak or a canoe, paddling through the Logan and Albert rivers is a thrilling way to encounter the region’s diverse ecosystems up close. Keep an eye out for the local wildlife that graces these tranquil waters, offering a picturesque and interactive experience for both first-time and seasoned travellers.

Delving into Logan’s Rich Heritage

Walk through the annals of time at the Beenleigh Historical Village and Museum. This living museum takes you on a journey through history with its impressive collection of heritage buildings, including a quaint old schoolhouse and a general store. Literary enthusiasts can delve deeper at the print museum, an ode to the bygone era of the written word.

Adventure and Entertainment Await in Logan

Adrenaline Rush at Beenleigh’s BMX and Skate Park:

Step up the pace with a visit to Beenleigh’s modern BMX and Skate Park. This sprawling urban course, boasting multi-million-dollar facilities, beckons both serious skaters and avid riders, promising a thrilling adventure in the heart of Logan.

EagleRider – Your Gateway to Freedom:

Fulfill your dream of an exhilarating motorcycle journey with EagleRider, the Harley-Davidson hire company that brings your Marlon Brando fantasies to life. Offering both guided and self-guided trips, it’s time to hit the open road for an adventure like no other.

Entertainment Hubs: Where Fun Meets Speed

Big Swing Golf Underwood:

For a dose of fun and excitement, head to Big Swing Golf Underwood, a dynamic entertainment hub that combines a bar and a sports arena. Here, golf simulators and a variety of arcade-style games promise a fast-paced and enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages.

Kingston Park Raceway:

Get ready to feel the rush at Kingston Park Raceway, offering a thrilling racing experience with three distinct racetracks to choose from. From rookie karts for the little ones to high-speed races for adults, it’s an exhilarating destination where fun knows no bounds.

A Toast to Heritage: Beenleigh Distillery Experience

Add a splash of flavour to your Logan adventure with a visit to the Beenleigh Distillery.


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Immerse yourself in the fine art of rum tasting, where the rich history of the region comes alive in every sip. The distillery stands as a testament to the vibrant local heritage, offering a unique blend of tradition and flavour.

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