Benefits of Massage Beyond Relaxation

Most of us love a good massage because of the intense relaxation that comes with it. In fact, some of us become so relaxed on the massage table we even fall asleep! However, did you ever think about the fact there are more medical reasons to have a massage– especially when it’s being done by a fully qualified massage therapist? Below are 7 ways a massage can help to treat or control various health issues:

Stress & Anxiety

A massage can be massively helpful to those who suffer from anxiety or lead high-stress lives. Studies have shown a single massage can reduce cortisol levels by up to 30% which is the hormone responsible for stress in your body. Studies have also shown 12 weeks of massage therapy can eliminate up to 50% of anxiety symptoms. Massages lower your tension levels and heart rate and tame your ‘fight or flight’ response which in turn promotes feelings of calmness and equilibrium.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Consistent massage therapy can help to lower both your systolic and diastolic blood pressure which helps to reduce your risk of a heart attack, a stroke and various other health problems.

Muscle Tissue

A massage will relax your muscle tissue which reduces any swelling in your muscles. This means your nerves are under less pressure and tension which boosts your overall levels of flexibility. The daily benefits of this are three-fold: you are less likely do damage your muscles, the chances of injury during exercise or sport are lessened and you will also have an increased range of motion and movement.

Improved Blood Circulation

Massage therapy is excellent for encouraging blood flow and circulation throughout your body. Not only blood but it also boosts the circulation of lymph which contains white blood cells, cleaning toxins from the tissue in our bodies. Good circulation gets rid of unwanted waste in our bodies and replaces it with the good nutrients which our muscles need to recover and grow.

Arthritis Relief

Whilst massage therapy cannot cure arthritis, it is often very effective for short term relief from pain caused by arthritis as well as loosening stiff joints and muscle tension.

Injury Rehab

Massage therapy is often one of the most important factors in an injury rehabilitation plan. Massage therapy will deliver more oxygen and nutrients to your organs and soft tissues which will accelerate the rate at which you heal. Massage can help with recovery from sprains, muscle or ligament tears and broken bones.

Boost Low Immunity

Studies have shown a massage increases the number of lymphocytes which are one of your body’s main defence mechanisms against illness and disease. This means massage therapy could be beneficial to those who are prone to contracting illnesses or are often sick.


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