Best Foot Forward – How Podiatry Can Help You In Your Day To Day Life

The expert help of a podiatrist helps you (literally) put your best foot forward. Podiatry issues can have a dramatic impact on our health, our ability to exercise and our overall quality of life. Seeking help as soon as you notice an issue concerning your podiatry health is best practice. Our resident podiatrists at BodyViva routinely diagnose, treat and prevent a range of podiatry issues.

Read on to discover how podiatric assistance can help you in your day to day life.

Pain Relief

Contrary to popular belief, foot pain is not normal after a long day of activity. Sure, it’s fine for your foot muscles to feel a bit tired after a big day out. But if you regularly suffer from foot aches and pain, it’s time to see the podiatrist. A podiatrist will get to the bottom of the problem to treat it properly. This is arguably the only way to effectively alleviate foot pain. 

Improve Running Performance

Running is a high impact sport that can be tough on your joints. Naturally, runners are prone to aches and pains. With the help of a podiatrist, runners improve their performance by having potential problems flagged early. Plus, your podiatrist can recommend strategies to avoid shin splints, ankle and foot pain.


Choose the Right Footwear

Foot pains and leg pains (including shin splints) are often caused by simply choosing the wrong pair of shoes. This goes for both your exercise shoes and your day-to-day shoes. 

A podiatrist can help you to choose the right footwear for your personal needs. For example, if you have wider feet, you’ll require different shoes compared to those with narrow feet. With the help of a podiatrist, you can make informed decisions and choose the best type of footwear for you.

Manage Related Health Conditions

Diabetes patients are unfortunately far more prone to experiencing podiatry issues than others. Issues common to diabetes sufferers can range from dry skin to severe infections. For this reason, diabetes sufferers are encouraged to have a foot exam completed annually. Doing so will help to prevent podiatry issues in diabetes patients.


Make Better Nutrition Choices 

Nutrition can play an important role in our podiatry health. A podiatrist understands how nutrition can improve our podiatry health. For example, calcium and Vitamin D can promote bone health. Foot bones make up about one-quarter of all bones in our body. Vitamin C, B12, and zinc encourage healthy nails, which may help prevent conditions like nail fungus. Considering these vitamins and minerals can have important benefits to our podiatry health, podiatrists may provide their patients with strategies to help them reach their calcium, Vitamin D, C, B12 and zinc needs in their day-to-day life.

Prevent Falls 

Foot aches and pains can have potentially dangerous impacts on our day-to-day health, such as increased risk of falls. A podiatrist can assess your risk of falls by doing a history assessment and tests. By treating foot pain and recommending the correct footwear, patients can reduce their risk of falls. 

Alleviating your heel aches, foot pain and leg pain by working with a podiatrist can have influential benefits on your day-to-day life. At BodyViva, we provide podiatry services that diagnose and treat a variety of issues including foot, ankle or leg pain, abnormal walking patterns (in-toe gait and out-toe gait), pain in arches, flat feet, hypermobility and hyperpronation, Posterior Tibial Tendonitis and Posterior Tibial Tendinopathy. Learn more about our suite of services here, and be sure to contact our helpful team if you have any questions.