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Diploma of Remedial Massage

Level 1 Sports Trainer

Professional work history:

Cheryl initially studied and completed a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy at the Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF) back in 2016. Since then, she has run a successful mobile massage business in her local area, working with a local rugby union team and teaming up with another massage company to provide remedial massage services for the Queensland Reds Rugby Union team. She fell in love with massage so much that she decided to complete her training in Remedial Massage therapy in 2020.

Specialty/interest areas:

Deep tissue
Strength and Conditioning
Sports Massage
Muscle Energy Techniques
Myofascial Release
Trigger Pointing
Shoulder Dysfunctions
Rehab and Strapping

What makes Cheryl a great massage therapist?

Cheryl believes that care and time are vital when it comes to massage. Taking the time to listen and understand people’s issues and needs and helping them overcome them to feel better physically, emotionally and mentally.

What makes Cheryl a good therapist is that she enjoys building a connection with her clients and helping them, even when they aren’t in the room. She approaches each client with a friendly manner to build trust and comfort, creating a positive relationship so that she can provide the best treatment plan and provide the most helpful advice. She is very patient and always punctual.

The philosophies Cheryl lives by are “Do no harm, assist the body to fix itself.” and “Good rapport gives good results.”

What does Cheryl enjoy doing outside of work?

When Cheryl is not working, she is a sports medic for the senior men’s Redlands Rugby Union team, travelling with them to games and helping the player’s perform at their best, whether it be through massage, strapping, or dealing with past and current injuries. She also like to read, go on adventures/bushwalks, spend time with friends and go to the gym.

Favourite quote:

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions” – Ken Blanchard

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