Common foot issues for Rochedale residents

Rochedale really is a great place to live. With plenty of green spaces, a neighbourly community, and only a short drive to the city, Rochedale is one of the best Brisbane suburbs to raise a family.

Rochedale residents also have plenty of reason to be active. Whether it’s roaming through the local koala reserves, dining out at some the best Asian restaurants in Sunnybank, or checking out springtime events in or around Springwood, Rochedale residents love getting outside.

But with increased activity, your feet might start to pick up some issues. Swelling, soreness, blisters – your feet will take a bruising when out and about all day.

Here are two of the most common foot issues we see with Rochedale residents, and why you should get them looked after as soon as possible.

Ankle Sprain – one of the most frequently injured parts of the body

Spraining your ankle is one of the most common injuries, and is very inhibiting to enjoying daily activities. A sprained ankle can occur when running on an unstable surface, landing strangely when walking, or wearing poor footwear.

Whether you’ve got mild swelling from slightly rolling your ankle to the loss of mobility after an ankle twist, spraining your ankle is an injury which needs to be treated by an experienced, professional podiatrist. If left untreated, the ankle will generally be left unstable and far more predisposed to not only re-injury, but to a higher likelihood of more serious ankle injuries in the future.

Achilles inflammation and irritation – don’t let it get any worse

The inflammation and irritation of your Achilles tendon, medically known as Achilles Tendinopathy, is a common foot issue which occurs over time. Usually, Achilles Tendinopathy presents in people who have not been active in a while and start going to the gym or when wearing the wrong shoe size.

Achilles Tendinopathy can be incredibly painful, with symptoms including stiffness and swelling of the tendons and a lack of flexibility in your calf muscles. This can become a chronic issue, called tendinosis, potentially causing the tendons to rupture.

An experienced and professional podiatrist will be able to help you resolve Achilles Tendinopathy.

Think you might have a foot issue? Book a podiatrist today!

All foot issues, no matter how small they seem, could potentially lead to bigger, chronic foot problems, and can also lead to other compensatory problems further up your body. That’s why it is critical to see a podiatrist if you are feeling any swelling or pain in your feet, or feel like you may have an issue with your feet.

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