How Residents in Logan are Avoiding Neck Pain and Stiffness

Neck pain can leave us feeling tired, overwhelmed and ultimately defeated. It’s not something that you want to live with long-term.

Stiffness and soreness of the neck can be caused by many things. Sudden movements resulting in whiplash, RSI and incorrect posture, to name a few. It’s important not to leave neck pain untreated as it can affect other areas of your body and general health and wellbeing. It’s also vital to be aware of the causes of neck pain, and how to avoid them. For residents in Logan, there are a few ways soreness and stiffness of the neck can be prevented.

Maintain the correct posture

Correct posture is the cornerstone of a balanced body with ease of movement. Falling into the bad habit of poor posture can lead to a myriad of health issues, including chronic neck pain. Many people in Logan work in offices or at desks and yet do not know how to sit in a way which will avoid soreness developing in the neck and shoulders. The backrest of your chair should push your lower back slightly forward so that you are sitting up straight. If you’re chair doesn’t provide this type of support, invest in a lumbar cushion to do the same job. Always remember to frequently get up and stretch to avoid stiffness and read another of our blogs on body posture for office workers.

Stop looking down to text or use your phone

How often have you seen people walking down the streets in Logan, hunched over their mobile phones, texting? It’s very rare that we ever view anyone texting at eye level, and yet, this is significantly better for your neck. When you tilt your head forwards and downwards to read or type a text message, this puts a strain on the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the neck. Try bringing your phone screen up to your eye level when texting standing up, and avoid texting and walking simultaneously as this can be very unsafe! When texting while sitting down, prop your arms up with a pillow or stack of books to decrease the strain your neck experiences when looking down for extended periods.

Don’t carry heavy shoulder bags

Many people associate carrying heavy shoulder bags with only shoulder pain. But in reality, this can lead to serious neck pain as well. Distribute the weight you carry evenly by choosing a backpack with a hip belt instead of a shoulder bag. Or better yet, if you need to walk long distances with weighted groceries, for example, invest in a wheeled bag.

BodyViva: a multidisciplinary health clinic serving the Logan area

If you do experience soreness of the neck, despite having followed the preventative measures above, it can be difficult to know who to go and see about it. There are several specialists which can manage neck pain and stiffness, but how do you know which treatment is best for you? Logan residents have discovered an easy way to find out!

BodyViva is a multidisciplinary health clinic situated in Springwood and is easily reached by Queensland residents in Daisy Hill, Slacks Creek, Loganholme, Browns Plains and Beenleigh. BodyViva offers services in chiropractic care, physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage therapy. All of these treatments are capable of relieving tension and soreness in your neck. It’s just a matter of diagnosing the cause of your neck pain and figuring out the best treatment to reduce your discomfort. Sometimes one treatment may suffice, while on other occasions a combination of a few may produce the most beneficial long-term outcome.

At BodyViva, you don’t have to worry about anyone trying to persuade you to undergo a treatment which isn’t suitable for the type of pain you are experiencing. Our friendly professionals are dedicated to working as a team to find the most efficient course of action for you. If you live in Logan or surrounding areas and are experiencing neck pain and stiffness, drop into BodyViva’s Springwood clinic to chat with our qualified staff about how we can help alleviate your pain. Alternatively, you can contact BodyViva via phone or email to arrange a consultation.