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Diploma of Remedial Massage

Certificate of Cupping

Professional work history:

Kirsten completed her Remedial Massage training at Q Academy in 2017. While studying, she discovered her passion in helping people with their muscular issues and educating them in prevention. She has extensive experience working alongside both Physiotherapists and Chinese practitioners.

Specialty/interest areas:

Correcting posture and educating about prevention
A deeper understanding of one’s body and why issues are occurring
Trigger-point therapy
Deep tissue
Muscle Energy Techniques
Headache treatment
Low back pain
Thoracic pain
Recommending stretches and self-care

What makes Kirsten a great massage therapist?

Kirsten’s approach is centered around developing a thorough understanding of her patient’s body in order to determine the best treatment for them individually.

What makes Kirsten a good therapist is that she enjoys building a connection with her clients and helping them, even when they aren’t in the room. She approaches each client with a friendly manner to build trust and comfort, creating a positive relationship so that she can provide the best treatment plan and provide the most helpful advice. She is very patient and always punctual. She takes one’s health very seriously and wants nothing but the best for her clients. By talking about how one’s body works, and identifying deeper issues or habits that need to be understood, she is able to tailor the best style of treatment for each person.

When asked why she loves working as a Massage Therapist, Kirsten says “Building trust, understanding, and having results is the best feeling. I want everyone to feel like they have more control over their body”

What does Kirsten enjoy doing outside of work?

Kirsten likes to keep fit with deep stretching, yoga and swimming. She also likes to read, bake, watch movies or play video games. She also likes to sing but warns us she has been known to be tone deaf. She also enjoys undertaking training to further improve her skills as a massage therapist.

Favourite quote:

““I won’t let fear compromise who I am” – Commander Shepard

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