Top 5 reasons why locals are getting massages in Rochedale South

Everyone knows the two main reasons why people get a massage: to relieve muscle pain and to relax. But sore muscles and stress aren’t the only things that lead locals to knock on the door of BodyViva for a massage in Rochedale. In this article, we share a few of the more interesting reasons why Rochedale residents are getting remedial massages. You may find that a massage is a surprising solution to a few of your own problems too!

1. To prepare for a big sports event.

Many athletes choose to rest for a few days before a big game or marathon. It’s vital that they don’t hurt themselves in the lead up to the event. Athletes come to BodyViva for a massage in Rochedale South to prevent tight muscles that could impact on their performance or cause injuries. They want to ensure their bodies are prepared for strenuous activity without overdoing exercise before the big day.

2. To get a better night’s sleep.

There’s nothing worse than not being able to sleep because you can’t get comfortable! If you can feel a massive knot in your neck while you’re laying in bed, you can be sure that the soreness will keep you from achieving your twenty winks each evening. Furthermore, the way you sleep may be causing muscle strain and exacerbating the situation. The massage therapists at BodyViva often provide advice to Rochedale South residents when they come in complaining of ‘a kink in their neck’ after an uncomfortable and sleepless night. BodyViva’s team of professionals can assist reluctant night owls with remedial massage to alleviate soreness and offering tips that will prevent muscle strain when lying down.

3. To relieve tension from typing and texting.

This may seem like a very millennial problem, but with so many people working in front of computers or using smartphones for their jobs, muscle strain in the neck, shoulders, arms and even thumbs is frightfully common. Maintaining the correct posture to prevent muscle soreness is paramount whenever you’re using any type of screen. If you spend a lot of time texting, resting your forearms on a surface such as a desk for support will alleviate some of the strain caused by having them constantly elevated. Many people underestimate the rejuvenating qualities of a decent massage! Ease the stiffness in those busily typing and texting fingers by popping into BodyViva for an upper body massage, including your neck, shoulders, arms and hands!

4. To prevent cramping.

Have you experienced that horrible feeling when you’re just drifting off to sleep, and suddenly one of your calves seizes up in excruciating pain? Leg, foot and toe cramps are horrible! In many cases, cramps occur because of inefficient circulation, dehydration or overuse of the muscles. Many Rochedale locals maintain a regular massage schedule to help keep their blood circulation flowing and prevent nasty and unexpected cramps from occurring at inconvenient moments!

5. To enjoy an entire hour without talking to anyone.

You may laugh at this, but it’s true that sometimes all you need is an hour of quiet to rest and recuperate. Something so simple as alleviating the stress of having to converse with people can make you feel much, much better. And a massage is the perfect way to do this! You receive some much-needed silence and your muscles enjoy a little TLC too! Mums and customer service attendants especially love receiving a massage in Rochedale South at BodyViva. The peace refreshes them so that they can get back to nurturing their children or helping customers with a smile on their faces!

Want to book a remedial massage in Rochedale South to banish one or more of the above woes? Contact BodyViva today!