Why Rochedale Has The Best Pilates Classes

There are so many great ways to exercise in Rochedale! But we think that a Pilates class is the best social fitness group you can join to immerse yourself in the Rochedale community while also staying active. Why?

Well, we have our reasons. And it’s not just that BodyViva is situated in the heart of Rochedale. Our Pilates classes are also frequented by some of the area’s friendliest locals and lead by professionally trained instructors! Here are the undeniable benefits of signing up for BodyViva’s Pilates classes in Rochedale!

A flexible class timetable

When you lead a busy life, exercise can be placed by the wayside if Pilates class timetables just don’t match up with your lifestyle. At BodyViva, we recognise that everyone’s schedules are different, so we cater for this in our weekly class timetables. We offer seven classes a week, with early morning, later morning, early evening and weekend sessions available. We cater to young professionals, working parents, stay-at-home parents and students!

Experienced instructors who are also qualified physios!

Part of what makes BodyViva’s Rochedale Pilates classes so unique is the talents and skills of our professional instructors. With 12 years of combined experience in teaching Pilates, and qualifications in performing physiotherapy, our instructors can provide guidance that others cannot. This includes tailoring Pilates exercises to target muscle pain and ensuring that novice Pilates enthusiasts do not experience injury due to incorrect posture and form.

Classes for Pilates masters and novices

Our Pilates classes are all-inclusive! We specifically design exercises that will both challenge Pilates masters and provide the fundamentals for complete Pilates beginners. We focus on small groups so that we can give each person the attention they need to improve their balance, form and alignment.

Accessible exercises that you can continue at home

At BodyViva, in Rochedale, all of our Pilates classes are undertaken using a mat and little else! Our instructors generate exercises focused on enhancing muscular, core and joint strength, increasing flexibility and improving posture and alignment. This is achieved without the use of expensive accessories, to ensure that our classes are accessible to everyone and to encourage attendees to continue their exercises at home.

Zero fuss parking

Need we say much more? Parking around Rochedale, Rochedale South or Springwood can be a bit of a headache. And having to circle side streets can really put you off attending a class! BodyViva has accessible onsite parking, so you can swing in with no setbacks and arrive on time to your class!

A positive and welcoming environment

Finding the right Pilates class for you can often be difficult. You want to ensure that you’re challenged, but that the pace isn’t too fast, that you feel comfortable, relaxed, and that you enjoy yourself! While the structure of the class is important, so are the people that surround you. We’re so fortunate here at BodyViva to have classes made up of perpetually friendly faces from all walks of life. We welcome seasoned Rochedale locals, Pilates enthusiasts from surrounding suburbs such as Underwood, Springwood and Mount Gravatt and newcomers to Brisbane seeking a warm and supportive community atmosphere. While our classes are certainly a good workout, they’re also a great social outing where you can meet new people in your local area.

Interested in joining the BodyViva family and experiencing the best Pilates classes in and around Rochedale? Contact us today!