Shoulder Pain and Common Shoulder Problems

Shoulder pain and problems are among the most common injuries that most of us will experience over our lifetime.

BodyViva practitioners are experts at helping those with injuries, pain and problems, so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to shoulders. Around 15% of the population will see a professional for shoulder pain and that number actually starts to climb as we get older, so what are the most common causes?


It is unfortunate but biomechanics are usually to blame for this one. Tendonitis of the shoulder can mean that tendons of the rotator cuff or biceps are becoming aggravated. Patients often complain of an ache or pain when trying to put on a shirt. The issue is most often caused by an abnormal motion of the shoulder, but our practitioners will be able to give a more thorough diagnosis.


If you’re experiencing frequent joint pain in your shoulder region that is causing stiffness and pain with lifting your arm above shoulder height, these could be symptoms of bursitis. Bursitis is an inflammation or irritation of the bursa, which are the small “cushions” filled with fluid that protect tendons around bony prominences. It’s most commonly caused by overuse of joints from constant repetitive movements, or through an injury to the joint. If your shoulder area is painful and hurts to lie on, you may have bursitis. Left untreated, bursitis can lead to long-term stiffness of joints. If you suspect you may be suffering from bursitis, it’s recommended that you consult a physiotherapist to obtain an appropriate treatment plan.

Rotator Cuff Problems

The rotator cuff’s primary purpose is to stabilise the shoulder joint. It does this by utilising a group of surrounding shoulder muscles to keep the structure in check. As we age, the tendons of these muscles wear down and often this can lead to injuries. Even with relatively low levels of trauma, these tendons can tear. Therapy is recommended as soon as you feel any discomfort, as if it is left untreated, further and more serious problems are likely to develop. BodyViva has a wide range of professional staff on hand to help you get back to health.

Bicep and SLAP Lesions

The bicep muscle is located on the front of the arm. It’s the muscle responsible if you try to touch your shoulder with your palm facing up. The main shoulder joint is similar in action to a ball and socket, with the bicep tendon connecting near the top of the socket. Over time or from trauma, the tendon can begin to disconnect from its anchor point, which is known as its superior labral attachment. SLAP tears are similar but higher up, and can be extremely painful.


If you’ve ever experienced serious pain in the shoulder and a little stiffness in the neck, the problem may not be your shoulder. The nerve system is intricate and when a nerve is encroached on or irritated, it can wreak havoc on everything surrounding it. If you’ve experienced some numbness in the same hand as the shoulder pain, or numbness that only arises at night, it could be an impinged nerve somewhere in the lower neck. A thorough examination is required by a professional to determine what the root cause of the problem is. BodyViva has a full team of in-house professionals to help you get back to prime health as quickly as possible.


Within the shoulder joint is a lip made of fibrocartilage, around the ball and socket joint, which is known as the labrum. The reason this lip exists is to deepen the socket, which improves stability and helps guide the ball and socket. As with anything inside the human body, with too much wear and tear, the area can deteriorate. Patients might notice more pain deep inside the shoulder joint that is aggravated with a specific movement or position.

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