‘Text Neck’: Is your Smartphone Causing you Pain?

Has your neck been aching for no apparent reason? If so, do you notice the pain after checking social media accounts on your phone?

‘Text neck’ is a term often used to describe pain and discomfort associated with sustained periods of looking down at your mobile phone, tablet or other wireless devices you may use.

So what are the symptoms of ‘text neck’?

Have you noticed your upper back feeling tense or do you feel shoulder pain and tightness? What about recent headaches which were accompanied by pain in your neck ranging from a dull ache to a more severe sharp pain? These can be symptoms of the infamous, ‘text neck’.

Almost 80% of people aged between 18 and 44 barely have two ‘phone free’ hours a day, meaning a lot of time is spent looking straight down at those illuminated devices.

Mobile phones are almost a necessity in today’s society, so to merely abstain from using them is not a viable option for most people. At BodyViva, we can treat your symptoms and help you move more freely again.

How do I fix my ‘text neck’?

If you haven’t checked out our article about neck stretches, this is a great place to start. Neck problems usually aren’t born overnight, they’re a culmination of repeated bad habits (bad posture, excessive mobile use, etc). Regular stretching can be done, multiple times throughout the day to prevent neck pain. Obviously limiting the amount of time you’re looking down at your phone is going to benefit you, but if you need to look at it, hold it as close to eye level as possible.

If there was no reprieve after stretching and changing your lifestyle habits, then it’s time to book an appointment with us at our Rochedale South location. While stretching and posture can do a lot, it can’t fix everything.

A consultation with a professional at BodyViva will allow us to diagnose precisely what is causing you discomfort and treat the problem. Book an appointment today.