The Most Important Stretches for Golfers

If you love a round of golf, chances are you’ve also experienced one or more of the injuries common to golfers. These include back pain, shoulder injuries, elbow and wrist overuse conditions, hip and knee strains, as well as neck pain and stiffness. Here is a list of video demonstrations of the most important stretches for golfers: 

1.Neck stretches

Neck pain and stiffness is common among golfers due to the forward postures involved. The video below is a demonstration of 4 important neck stretches. 

2. Shoulder stretches 

Shoulder injuries are also common among golfers, mostly in the form of rotator cuff strains, caused by poor technique in the golf swing, hitting a root or rock, taking a deep divot, or from overuse. The videos below are demonstrations of three important stretches for the shoulder. 


3. Forearm Steatches

Elbow and wrist overuse injuries are regular occurrences among golfers, and can be due to issues with swing technique, or purely from the repetitive nature of the game.  Each swing causes the loading of the muscles in the forearm, so high repetitions can cause strain and tears. 

If you’re experiencing elbow or wrist pain, it is best to get your swing technique looked at, and also to see a therapist to rehabilitate the injury. The video below is a demonstration of how to stretch the muscles of the forearm. 


4. Stretches for the back and hip 

Forward bending postures, along with the repetitive rotational stresses on the body that are involved with golf, can lead to low back, hip and knee issues. Below are video demonstrations of the most important low back and lower limb stretches for golfers. 


If you’re experiencing pain, stiffness or injury that’s affecting your game, come and see one of our experienced therapists to help get you back out there doing what you love. 

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