What Is The Difference With A Remedial Massage?

Have you ever heard of the name “remedial” massage, and wondered what exactly that meant? Perhaps you’ve pondered whether it would benefit you. There are plenty of reasons why people decide it’s time to get a massage. They may have a stressful job or want to treat themselves, or on the other hand, they may suffer from chronic pain and believe a massage could alleviate their suffering. 

The patient’s motivation for a massage will determine whether a remedial massage would best suit their needs or not. In this blog, we unpack exactly what this style of massage entails, and how it differentiates from a relaxation massage.  

What Is A Remedial Massage?

A remedial massage is a treatment for physical injuries and chronic pain; such as backaches or neck aches. Therapists that conduct this massage style are required to undergo further training compared to many of their colleagues. They require a complete understanding of how the body works, and the tissues they are treating. 

What Techniques Are Employed?

Your therapist will work with you to help reduce your pain, promote rehabilitation and help to correct any issues that may be the root cause of the problem. Several sessions of remedial massage may be required for best results. 

The remedial massaging technique includes a wide variety of specific techniques to find and heal damage, as well as help stimulate the body’s repair mechanisms. The techniques performed may be shallow or deep, strong or soft, depending on the therapist’s initial assessment of the patient’s needs.

What Are The Key Benefits?

If the patient has a specific physical ailment they are hoping to treat, remedial massage is their best option. This type of massage can help promote blood circulation to the patient’s damaged joints and muscles. As a result, this can help to remove toxins that could have built up.

On top of the physical benefits, these massages can promote relaxation, as well as reduce anxiety and stress. Furthermore, the reduction in the patient’s pain can vastly improve their day-to-day quality of life. 

How Does Remedial Massage Compare To Relaxation Massage?

In comparison to relaxation massage, remedial is more focused on treating a physical issue for the patient, such as chronic pain or an injury. While remedial massage can be relaxing, relaxation massage treatment is for patients primarily seeking a relaxing experience. They are a wonderful way to relax and recover from the daily stresses of life. While remedial massages are mainly targeted at physical health, relaxation massages cater more to mental health. 

The techniques used for relaxation massages are very soothing, with massage techniques generally involving long, smooth and flowing strokes.


Book Your Own Remedial Or Relaxation Massage

At BodyViva, we offer both remedial and relaxation massage therapy. Our treatments are a gentle, yet highly effective way to help alleviate pain and reduce stress. They also help to improve sleep and reduce fatigue, enhance patients’ immune systems and help to eliminate any pain and tension. If you have any questions regarding the massage services employed at BodyViva, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our helpful team.