Why choose a multidisciplinary health clinic?

A multidisciplinary health clinic consists of a group of practitioners from a range of disciplines who work together to provide their patients with comprehensive care. A functional multidisciplinary team will have mutual respect for each other’s expertise and will build a system or plan to assist the needs of their patients.


The structure of a multidisciplinary health clinic varies from practice to practice, and there is no set group of disciplines you can find at each one. We are committed to making your body feel better, freeing you from pain and restriction. At BodyViva, we have built our multidisciplinary clinic around this, providing services to achieve this goal.

The multidisciplinary approach covers all factors of the pain experience- biological, psychological and social. Taking this approach is like using a wide-angle lens on a camera; broadening the view and getting a look at the full picture rather than looking at zoomed-in causations of pain you may be experiencing. By taking all of these factors into consideration, a more well-rounded, tailored plan and approach is able to be applied to issues a patient may be experiencing.

Multidisciplinary health clinics apply solutions to problems. That statement may sound very straight-forward but the key is the plural. When bringing an issue to a multidisciplinary health clinic you are given a range of solutions and options to help to manage your problem and consideration as to the reasons you are experiencing it rather than a standard one-size-fits-all fix to the problem at face value.

Another benefit of a multidisciplinary clinic is efficiency. Receiving treatment for an issue that requires multiple practitioners can leave patients going from clinic to clinic; with a multidisciplinary health clinic, these services are available all under one roof. The referral to other disciplines is also streamlined as a multidisciplinary clinic will have many of the services they recommend between disciplines in their office. This type of referral helps to maintain the quality of treatment received by patients and increasing the likelihood of outcome satisfaction.


At BodyViva we are committed to providing top quality services like physiotherapy, chiropractic, kinesiology and more in our multidisciplinary clinic. Our approaches are aimed to help resolve pain, restriction of movement and injury. If you are finding yourself experiencing discomfort in your body, help us to help you by contacting us today!