Adjust Springwood is now BodyViva

Looking for Adjust Springwood? You’ve come to the right place!


Adjust Springwood has been going through a few exciting changes, namely a complete brand makeover! But don’t worry, we’re still committed to the same quality services you’ve been experiencing with us for years! Read on to find out more.

Adjust Springwood: new name, same great service.

So what’s the new name? BodyViva. Why? Because ‘viva’ means ‘to live’ in Spanish, and quite simply, we want our customers to be able to live their lives, free from bodily pain. For many years, the team behind Adjust Springwood have focused on the positives of our services; assisting our customers to feel comfortable in their bodies by offering physical, ongoing solutions to restricted movement. So we’ve decided to completely makeover our brand to reflect this positivity and support!

bodyviva logo

A unique makeover for a unique company.

There aren’t many multidisciplinary clinics out there with specialists in Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Podiatry and Pilates, all under the same roof! Adjust Springwood is your one-stop shop to eliminating pain and maximising movement. We wanted to celebrate our business’ individuality by emphasising our strong points with vibrant branding that catches our customer’s eyes and spurs on positive action. Look out for the green and blue on our website and across our social media platforms!

BodyViva multidisciplinary clinic


A facelift for the Adjust Springwood clinic.

Along with Adjust Springwood’s exciting transformation into BodyViva, comes a complete facelift for our clinic too!

Like a new coat of paint, the aim is to freshen up our clinic to create a welcoming atmosphere. This way, all of our branding will be consistent, not to mention it’ll be easy to recognise our clinic because you’ll be seeing the same colours and style that’s on our website!

So if you see any new messages in your inbox from BodyViva, or call for an appointment and hear this name on the end of the line, rest assured that it’s still your trusted Adjust Springwood’s friendly staff and quality services – just under an exciting new name!