Local Activities to Help you Stay Active

In Springwood and the surrounding suburbs, there are so many great activities to help people of all ages stay active, so when it comes to staying fit, we don’t have to venture far. At BodyViva, we like to highlight the services our community has to offer, and we’ve even attended some of these classes ourselves. Read our top local activities for staying fit and see if you feel like giving any of them a go:

Yoga and Pilates at Inna Essence

Located in Underwood, Inna Essence offers a variety of classes. The BodyViva team recently booked ourselves in for a corporate reformer pilates class, and the entire team had nothing but good things to say about it afterwards. Don’t worry if reformer pilates aren’t your thing; they also have yoga and barre classes. All of these classes are great for maintaining strength, flexibility and your full range of movement.

Lomatia Park Camp

Located in Lomatia Park, Springwood this fitness camp is a great facility for anyone. If you’re looking for a low-intensity exercise, opt for their yoga classes where you can not only stay in shape, but it’ll also help you to maintain your mental wellness. If you prefer an exercise class with a bit more intensity, you can attend their Active X Training class which is circuit-based and will likely get your heart pumping. Wentworth Healthcare funds Lomatia Park Camp, so the best part is that it’s completely free!

Exodus Fitness

If you’re looking to get on a more rigorous and consistent fitness plan, Exodus Fitness is the perfect option from you. This training facility offers group classes, coaching and one-on-one personal training. There’s a big range of classes for members to attend and the staff are all fitness pros so you’ll always have a support system to help you on your journey to moving well and feeling good.

Springwood Conservation Park

There are a couple of walking trails in Springwood Conservation Park that provide the perfect opportunity for soaking up some fresh air, enjoying nature and getting some exercise. Walking is the easiest and most accessible form of exercise out there with plenty of amazing benefits like improving your circulation, strengthening your muscles, supporting your joints and boosting your mood- the list goes on!

Meadowbrook Golf Club

If you like the idea of getting your steps in for the day but find that you get bored easily, why not set up a regular game of golf where you’ll spend the day exercising without even realising it! It doesn’t matter if you’re a skilled player or want to play for fun and the opportunity to stretch your legs, Meadowbrook’s course is open to members and social players. Staying active doesn’t always have to be about attending classes or establishing strict routines; it’s all about making lifestyle choices that you enjoy and can stick with.

At BodyViva, our goal is to help our clients live a life free of pain and restrictions. We are a multidisciplinary clinic who offer a holistic approach to health through physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic services, podiatry and more. To learn more about how we can help you, get in touch with us today!