Unexpected Issues That Can Be Helped By A Podiatrist

Podiatrists are health experts, specialising in the foot, ankle and lower limb areas. They can diagnose, treat or prevent a broad list of conditions. Because they cover such a wide range of issues, some people are unaware of the ways a podiatrist can help them. 

Overall if you’re suffering any foot pain, it’s best to visit a podiatrist, but here are some problems these professionals can treat that you may not have known about.

Knee, Leg & Back Pain 

Problems higher up in the body may be caused because of compromised foot posture. If your feet aren’t working properly, it can have a run-on effect on your shins, knees, legs, hips, back and more. A podiatrist can help reset your foot posture and alleviate the associated pain. 

Ingrown Toenails

It’s not always about muscular pains with podiatry. Our experts look at the whole picture to ensure good foot health in patients. Podiatrists can treat ingrown toenails and other toenail afflictions. 

Fractures & Sprains

Sustaining a foot injury can be frustrating and challenging to recover from. Podiatrists treat breaks, sprains and fractures in the foot and also can recommend ways to avoid them. This service is most common to athletes or avid sports players. 

Bunions & Hammertoes

Bunions occur when the joint at the base of your big toe enlarges or is displaced; this causes the toe to lean into the others. Similarly, hammertoes have an abnormal bend in the middle joint, making the toe bend downward. Both these joint issues can be treated over time by a podiatrist. 


One of the most common problems related to diabetes is decreased blood flow to the furthest parts of the body – most often, this impacts the feet first. This condition can damage the nerves in your feet and, in turn, may result in serious complications. There are more than 4,400 amputations every year in Australia as a result of diabetes. Foot ulcers and wounds often manifest in people with diabetes. A podiatrist helps ensure everything is functioning properly and can address any sores, calluses or other related issues as soon as they arrive. 

Growing Pains 

During puberty, the body changes drastically and sometimes things don’t grow correctly. If you have a child whose feet are developing abnormally (e.g. flat feet, crossed toes, etc.) a podiatrist can recommend suitable treatment to correct these issues. 


Chronic Pain 

Many people with chronic foot pain become accustomed to it and believe regular pain is the norm. However, podiatry can assist in alleviating pain and help temporarily relieve pressure in the feet and joints. Things like: inflammation, arthritis, gout, Morton’s neuroma and other persisting injuries can all be treated to some extent by a podiatrist.  

Suffering from any of these conditions? BodyViva’s team of elite podiatrists can help you hit your stride in no time. It’s not usually necessary to obtain a referral to visit our podiatrist and depending on your level of health insurance cover, you may be able to make a claim on your consultation. It’s important to schedule an appointment with your podiatrist at the first sign of pain or discomfort in your feet. Contact us today to start taking steps towards a more comfortable stride.