Ways to Keep Moving in Winter Without the Gym

We’ve all become accustomed to making changes to find a new ‘normal’ through the ever-changing social distancing and isolation guidelines. Now that restrictions are easing across the nation even further every few weeks, the next battle to overcome is to adapt to the way we incorporate exercise through the cooler months with the dark and cold mornings. Restrictions are still in place for how many people can be in a gym, as well as allocated time slots and duration limits that might not work for your schedule, so here at BodyViva we wanted to share our best times for keeping moving in winter without the gym:

Digital Workouts:

You don’t need any fancy equipment or a large space for this one! If you have access to a device connected to the internet, a yoga mat or towel – you can create your own workout zone that will be just as effective. YouTube has hundreds of thousands of free resources you can utilise right from your living room, many channels have 30-day guides you can take at your own pace, the best part is you can pause the video at any time and take it slow so you never get left behind! We also have a range of videos on our website that demonstrate common exercises we do in our pilates and physio exercise classes if you can’t make it to one in the clinic. They’re a great way to get the basics covered properly so you can engage in the movements in a way that will be of maximum effect.

The Great Outdoors:

If you’re in need of something to hold you more accountable than just relying on you motivating yourself for a lounge room workout, you could try teaming up with a family member or friend to go on walks with. There are multiple benefits to this approach, it’s a great way to get a daily dose of vitamin D (which can be harder to get in winter), great for your overall health both physically and mentally, as well as an opportunity to catch up with a loved one (given proper social distancing is conducted), it’s a win-win! You could change up your scenery weekly and try out some hiking spots in your local area, or even make a little road trip of it and find a nearby hinterland to explore. Essentially, even if it’s colder in the mornings to get up and moving, it’ll be harder to cancel on a friend than to just decide to not go yourself!


At this stage, if abiding by the government rules, small classes can commence again. If you’re missing the structure of having a physical place to go and do your workout, exploring your options with a small group exercise class could be the way to go. Having a go at a pilates class or a physio based class is a great way to treat your mind, body, and soul all while improving your flexibility and building strength without partaking in jarring movements on your joints. Incorporating classes in conjunction with home workouts and walks will have you feeling amazing!

Get Creative:

If you’re feeling bored with your current routine, the colder weather is going to make it even more tempting to just forgo your exercise routine altogether. This is when you should get creative and try something out of your comfort zone! Dancing is one of the best ways to get your heart rate up and endorphins flowing around the body (perfect for fighting off the winter blues), or you could try your hand at rock climbing! No matter what it is, if it’s new to you, it can trick your brain into concentrating on the new task, and not only will you be getting in some good exercise, the time will go faster! 

At BodyViva we have an extensive range of services that assist with a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, it’s something we’re extremely passionate about! If you’d like to book in for a class or physio session, contact us today.