What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a holistic approach to gaining and maintaining overall health and wellbeing. This kind of treatment is all about achieving balance within your body by facilitating optimal physical, nutritional and mental health and it also draws upon aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What Problems can Kinesiology Help to Treat?

✓ Pain
✓ Fatigue & consistent tiredness
✓ Respiratory problems or illnesses
✓ Stress
✓ Confusion
✓ Sensitivity to certain food types or groups
✓ Depressive tendencies
✓ Strengthening your immune system
✓ Anxiety

How can Kinesiology be Applied?

Our Kinesiology treatments aim to help our patients regain a sense of balance which will massively improve their own innate healing abilities. Building a strong foundation of wellbeing and equilibrium is absolutely key to the treatment and repair of any kind of injury, illness or ailment.

No two balances are ever the same and so each patient receives a tailor-made treatment plan designed specifically for their needs, lifestyle and desired outcome. During one session of Kinesiology, you may be treated with a focus on one specific technique or a range of different techniques depending on our kinesiologist’s assessments of your requirements.


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