Why Everyone Needs a Pair of Archie’s Thongs

Ah, the humble plugger, thong or flip-flop – whatever you want to call it, they’re a staple of Australian fashion. But, did you know that the classic flat-soled thong is actually pretty bad for your feet, so much so that many professional sports teams have BANNED them!?

So, what’s so bad about a simple slab of rubber and a few straps? Well, at the baseline, thongs are too simple and don’t offer enough support. However, what makes them worse than regular flat shoes is how our whole walking rhythm changes as soon as they’re put on.

It’s not just a small risk, either. Regular wearers of thongs are much more likely to develop ankle and knee pain, ankle sprains, calluses and other referred issues up the body.

How many times have you tripped, stumbled or stubbed a toe because of a thong? Luckily if you’re a thong lover, there’s an option that will still lend you all the benefits of the famous beach style, without putting your toes in the danger zone.

Your Thongs May Be Harmful

Regular thongs have little to no support and can force your foot to take an unnatural shape. Poor foot support can become a problem for all foot types, but it’s even worse for those who already have increased pronation or supination (feet tilted outwards or inwards).

Obviously, bad habits die hard, so if your footwear isn’t correcting these issues or preventing them, they can snowball into bigger problems. Plus, thongs are a quick way to develop poor foot posture.

Why Switching To Archies Thongs May Be The Best Thing You’ve Ever Done

Archies Thongs solve all the issues found in standard flat-soled thongs. They offer much higher support in the arches and heels and also allow you to walk more comfortably without worrying about losing a plugger.

The best part is, it’s impossible to blow out in this fantastic footwear!

Archies Thongs Help By:

Elevating Your Heel – Flat thongs fail to offer any heel elevation, which can put stress on your Achilles tendon. Archies reduce the likelihood of developing Achilles tendinosis or similar strains.

Supporting Your Arches – Archies thongs are recommended for all foot types. People with low arches will benefit from the additional arch support. Those with high arches are much less likely to supinate (roll outwards), which lowers stress on the outside of the foot and leg when wearing Archies.

Tailoring Easily To Your Foot – Thanks to the soft rubber straps and soles, Archie Thongs will actually mould to support your foot how it naturally is. After just a few days of wear, Archies Thongs customers will notice a significant increase in comfort compared to what they got from other flat thongs. Straight from purchase, Archies are easily adjustable to provide the perfect fit.

Correcting Your Gait – When you walk with thongs, do you find yourself digging in with your toes just to keep them on? That’s actually a harmful habit that goes against what humans are meant to do when they walk.

Archies thongs have been designed with a tighter strap than normal thongs. This is because in thongs with a loose strap, the toes claw down in an attempt to keep the thongs on the feet instead of naturally pointing upwards.

Clawing your toes negates protective support from the arch of your foot, meaning your feet will become fatigued faster and also be more vulnerable to stress injuries.

Grab A Pair Today

You can pick up a pair of Archie Thongs from Body Viva Brisbane! Body Viva is passionate about holistic physiotherapy services. A lot of the time, small changes in your lifestyle can have huge benefits.

If you’re sick of dealing with foot pains, or are worried about developing them, stop by our clinic today and pick up a pair of Archies Thongs. While you’re at it, consider taking advantage of one of our services. We are a one-stop physiotherapy shop, offering everything from massages to chiropractic and physiotherapy.