Don’t Lose Your Progress – Winter Exercise Ideas For South East Queensland

Combat the winter blues and get moving without feeling the cold. At BodyViva, we encourage ongoing activity all year round to achieve a great health balance. So get active and enter spring feeling your best by following these tips.

It may seem a little harder to get out of bed during the cold to tackle that run or workout. Still, staying active, no matter the season, can help you improve or maintain your weight, health, and energy levels. You don’t need to suffer the cold to support healthy behaviours or start new ones during winter.

Here’s how to beat the cold and come out the other side feeling great with our tips on staying fit in SEQ from June to August.

Layer Up!

Winter in south-east Queensland gets chilly, but it’s far from the freezing, ice-filled season other places get. Once Aussies get over the initial brisk air, they tend to warm up quickly. It is recommended that you dress in layers while you exercise to don and doff different items depending on how warm/cool you are. Start with some thermals at the base or a simple tank top. Then add a T-shirt and pants, then your choice of hoodie or tracksuit.

Warm Your Breath

Many people feel an extra pinch while working out during the winter because the dry air can restrict your airway and sting your lungs. This makes breathing difficult and can cause coughing, shortness of breath, laboured breathing and a tight chest. Worst case scenario, these symptoms can cause an asthmatic attack, or worse, a heart attack. To combat this, warm your airways with a scarf or high collared jacket. You can also wear a mask to warm the air as it enters your lungs.

People with asthma or heart problems should ask their doctors about any precautions before they undertake any excessive exercise.

Hands, Chest, Feet & Head

These four parts of the body are responsible for most of our heat loss. If you find yourself feeling drained too quickly while working out or can sense your core temperature isn’t as high as usual, it may be a sign you’re losing heat too quickly. If you’re working out in the cold, bring a hat and some gloves while making sure you’re wearing a warm chest cover and socks.

Stay Indoors

Ok, this isn’t an incentive to stay inside and continue a Netflix binge. Turn an open space in your home into a small exercise area or seek a healthy outlet in a warmer environment. There’s plenty to do indoors in SEQ, so you’re spoilt for choice.

Some Ideas For Indoors Sports Are:

  •  Rock Climbing
  • Yoga Classes
  • Gym
  • Indoor Team Sports (Cricket, Futsal, Volleyball)
  • Martial Arts/Boxing Training
  • Dance Classes

Home Workouts

There are plenty of free workout programs that require no or very little exercise equipment. With just a yoga mat and a few light weights, you will be working up a sweat in no time.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Outdoors

This may completely contradict our last point, but hear us out! In all honesty, we’re pretty lucky in Queensland. The temperatures struggle to dip into the negatives, and most coastal areas are still greeted with a pleasant warmth in the middle of the day. Queenslanders may want to hide away when our tropical temperatures vanish, but it could actually be a chance to do some of the more popular attractions in privacy.

During wintertime, our caloric burn is essentially supercharged. This is because your body is working harder to keep its core temperature regulated. Essentially your body wants to fire on all cylinders when it’s chilly to produce more heat. So if you’re holding off on your workout routine, you may be missing out on some great, calorie-burning moments.

Do The Unexpected

Take advantage of the winter slow. While people stay indoors, use it as an opportunity to explore new areas and embrace the new quietness.

Take A Hike

The cold tends to dissuade most people from climbing mountains in the winter. That’s a good thing! If you can brave the cold, then enjoy some of the most popular hiking locations at the quietest time of the year. If you’re often peeved by crowded lookouts and chatter ruining the serenity, then take this as your queue to ascend your nearest bush trail.

Go Swimming

Your toes might have curled at the idea of dipping them in water at this time of year, but if you take the plunge, you could be enjoying easy access and a pretty quiet facility. Swimming is a fantastic exercise that builds muscle and trains cardio all-in-one. There are plenty of heated pools around, so if you can’t stand cold water, there are still options available.

Surfs Up

Compared to the bustling coastal gathering hubs of summer, beaches seem barren when things get cold. Most Aussies have wanted to try surfing at some time but struggled to get into the hobby. For many, learning the ropes at a popular beach is enough to shock you with stage fright. With a good wetsuit, you can keep warm in the water and comfortably master the basics away from prying eyes.

Winter is an excellent opportunity to get creative with your workout routine. However, if you’ve been experiencing any pain or restriction of movement that prevents you from maintaining the workout routine you want, BodyViva is here to help. Our team of highly trained professionals aim to assist you in achieving a healthy, revitalised body. Contact us today to discover how our services can help you to live a healthier life.